Software managing your power

Some of features

Clients registration

You're able to register customers, trainers and employees of your object and determine the access methods and fares for entrance

Goods accounting

It has a module for defining and grouping products, also setting income & expense transactions and making a fast sale operations

Financial reports

Gym PRO provides a statistical dashboard with diagrams and financial reports by cashboxes about all your income & expenses

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“Gym PRO” is a multifunctional and multilingual desktop app developed for the fitness clubs to manage your business power

Main Purpose

A short description

You can real-time monitor a participating clients in the halls and also view a large statistics of activity by a custom date ranges

Clients activity

24/7 monitoring

By defining custom fares under “Definitions” menu you can also conduct campaigns for a limited date period and set active fares


Define custom fares

Admins can manage roles, users and appropriate privileges on menus, as well as view detailed logs and customize app settings


Administrative operations

Our Clients

Why choose us?

Our products are licensed for each client's name and have a multi skinned modern design. Besides we are supporting for free during a license period

  • Extreme Force Fitness Club
  • Oxygen Fitness Zone
  • VITR Fitness
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